Cultivating Curiosity: How I’m Approaching My First Year in Public Relations

My first class in undergrad was a biology general education course, which, as a communications student, I was less than thrilled about. The course was touted as “a science for ‘non-science’ majors.” I expected to muddle through the 750-person lecture, passively learning about ecosystems and our changing environment. Instead, I walked away with concepts that fundamentally shaped my philosophy as a student. First, and most importantly, I re-learned how to be curious. 

I believe that curiosity is innate. It is evident in the way infants’ eyes light up when they experience something for the first time, and in the way toddlers incessantly ask “But why, Mommy?” But for many people along the way, myself included, we stop asking “why?” Be it insecurity, fear of being perceived as annoying or unintelligent, we are conditioned to believe that asking questions makes us vulnerable. So, we just stop asking them altogether. It wasn’t until my first day of college that I began to deeply understand the value of curiosity. Now, as I begin my career in public relations, it is the cornerstone of my approach to becoming a successful communicator. 

I come to Indicate Media with a degree in journalism and four years of experience at a creative agency. My journalism coursework taught me how to research, evaluate data, and ask thoughtful questions. It helped me turn my curiosity into an effective and efficient problem-solving tool. As an agency intern, I learned the value of analytics and storytelling with data to help our clients achieve their business goals. 

Coupled with my experience, I have spent the last year learning how to listen, learn, and work during a pandemic. Like most people, 2020 tested my resiliency and adaptability. Without access to traditional college resources, like the library, the computer lab, or even in-person office hours, the class of 2021 was challenged to find new ways to be a successful student. More than any other year, I believe that it prepared me to launch in my new role at Indicate Media. 

I look forward to listening to our clients’ unique needs, asking the right questions (and more questions), and crafting messaging that propels our brands forward. It is exciting to be entering the business world at a time when change is happening so rapidly. Each day it seems, there is a new way to reach audiences. In the last year alone, Tiktok and Clubhouse have emerged as messaging powerhouses that enable every person to become a creator and challenge brands to rethink how they tell their stories

Indicate Media is a unique group of forward-thinking media professionals. I look forward to learning, listening, and growing as a member of the Indicate Media team. By the way, if you are interested in that biology lecture that changed my trajectory as a student and as a person, you can find it here.