The Start of a New Relationship With PR
As I approach the beginning of this career in Public Relations, I reflect on my educational and professional journey — both of which have led me to this role.
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Ditching the Compass and Discovering a Career in Digital Marketing
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the true source of all true art and science.” Albert Einstein. Many moons ago, I had a science teacher who said something along these lines - ‘If you took all of human knowledge, it would fit on the head of a pin.’
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Manhattan Bridge
New Horizons: Journeying from Tech Journalism to Public Relations
From tech journalism to PR, take a look at how Jeremy Hsu plans to spend his time with Indicate Media.
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Three Key Skills for Landing Remote Work
Sachin Gupta, HackerEarth CEO and cofounder shares top tips for landing your dream remote role.
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Zuper CEO Stresses the Importance of Digital Payments in Field Service Management
Gain insights on the importance of digital payments from Zuper CEO, Anand Subbaraj.
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Frameable CEO​ ​​Offers Tips For​ Successful Hybrid Events
Perfect your hybrid event with these tips from Adam Riggs, founder and CEO at Frameable.
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HackerEarth CEO Reveals Why ​Investing In Employees​ is Necessary for Company Growth
Sachin Gupta, HackerEarth CEO and co-founder gives insights on the benefits of upskilling and reskilling employees.
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Continuous Learning is Key in Career Advancement
Sachin Gupta, HackerEarth CEO and co-founder, shares insights on the importance of continuous learning in the workplace.
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CreativeX Founder ​Highlights The​ Importance of Brand Identity
Anastasia Leng, CreativeX Founder & CEO, gives insights on the future of brand identity and customer interaction.
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No-Code Allows for Organization Wide Change
Founder & CEO Katherine Kostereva shares why she believes in no-code and her vision for the future of this tech.
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The ​Next Normal of Hybrid Working​
Frameable CEO gives his top tips on maintaining workplace connections while working hybrid.
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Creatio CEO ​Picked As One of the 5 Coolest CEOs
Creatio CEO Katherine Kostereva named as one of the 5 coolest BPM CEOs.
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Larry Cheng ​Shares his Views about Amazon on this Yahoo Finance Broadcast Segment
“...I don't get caught up in the quarter to quarter dynamics. The e-commerce shift is strong and secular. It will continue.”
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Persistent Systems CSO Details How Banks Can Succeed in Their FinTech Partnerships
From​ ​intentional partnerships to ​tech ​modernization, check out these tips on creating and maintaining successful partnerships.
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The NY Times Weighs in on Crypto​’s​ New Place in Nonprofits
Volition Capital managing partner Larry Cheng share​s​ his thoughts on the state of cryptocurrency and ​its ​potential​ ​effect​ on the​ nonprofit sector​.
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Volition Capital Leads US Mobile’s Series A Funding Round
Founder and CEO, Ahmed Khattak, gives insights on how US Mobile will leverage eSIM and 5G to enable growth opportunities.
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LatentView Founder Encourages Data Literacy
Top tips for improving company data literacy.
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Qure4u Closes $25m Growth Equity Investment Led by Volition Capital
All-in-one digital healthcare software company Qure4u has gained the attention of investors due to their rapid adoption within the industry.
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CEO of LatentView Analytics Offers Insights for Hiring New Graduates
Rajan Sethuraman shares his top tips for navigating hiring new graduates in his latest Enterprisers Project column.
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Virtual Interview
HackerEarth Announces Integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub
HackerEarth adds LinkedIn Talent Hub to their growing list of ATS integrations.
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Volition Capital Leads Series A Funding For US Mobile
Led by managing partner Larry Cheng, learn more about US Mobile's plans for the future from Founder & CEO Ahmed Khattak.
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Forbes Tech Council Gives Insights on New Client Strategy
LatentView Analytics Founder & Chairman Venkat Viswanathan gives insights on achieving success with new clients.
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Healthcare Start-Ups Attract Billions in Investments in 2021
Volition Capital partner Larry Cheng gives insights on how founders can leverage the influx in investment interest.
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Industry Executives Weigh In On GPT-3
Tech experts across the globe have their sights set on GPT-3.
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doctor at laptop
Volition Capital Partner Larry Cheng Weighs in on Telehealth Start-Ups
How much is too much? Funding insights from growth equity partners inside.
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Conference Audience
Creatio Featured in VentureBeat 2021 Tech Showcase
Creatio’s low code CRM platform was featured among several other emerging tech companies in this year’s showcase.
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Boston Skyline
Investments are Heating Up in Boston
Volition Capital partner Larry Cheng comments on the state of investing in the Massachusetts area.
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Red Hat OpenShift Leading to Excelled Growth
Implementation of Red Hat’s OpenShift has led Persistent Systems customers to experience exceptional growth momentum.
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Coder with Noise Cancelling Headphones
Coding & Developing Job Market Continues to Expand
As more potential new hires enter the market, it may be time to step up your game.
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Tech team hard at work
Building Great Tech Teams Depends on Collective Goal Alignment
HackerEarth CEO, Sachin Gupta, recently gave his top tips for building your best tech team.
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Vishwastam Shukla, Chief Technology Officer at HackerEarth
Vishwastam Shukla, HackerEarth CTO, Speaks with Unite AI
Learn about his experiences with coding and his thoughts about techniques like skill signaling and open-source projects.
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Cultivating Company Culture While Working Virtually
Take a look at these tips from Katherine Kostereva, CEO at Creatio on how to be a stellar leader in the age of hybrid work.
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Telemedicine Continues to Attract Patients and Practices Alike
With pros outweighing the cons, still only 30% of survey respondents reported using these services throughout the last year.
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low code
The No-Code Trend Continues to Pick Up Momentum Through 2021
There is a strong case to be made that no-code IS the future of software.
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creative content
Creative Content Development is a Big Undertaking for Consumer Brands
While it may seem like common sense that a brand brings consistency and quality to every piece of creative, it is easier said than done.
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Covid-19’s Effect on Global Industries
The Field Service industry is no exception.
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virtual events
Due to the global pandemic, Virtual Events have become big business.
For enterprise businesses, the show must go on.
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raising capital
Being an entrepreneur is hard work.
It takes a lot of energy, grit, determination, and strategic thinking.
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digital transformation
Digital Transformation in today’s Cloud-Native Data-First World
One of Indicate Media's favorite technical podcasts is called the DataCentric podcast.
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cloud applications
One10’s Journey to Software Modernization
A lot can be learned by hearing about a company's journey toward software modernization and digital transformation.
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Developers are more in demand than ever.
Large and small companies are looking to tap specific expertise as they move their way through digital transformation.
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