Buzz Solutions harnesses an AI-powered predictive analytics platform for visual infrastructure inspections to prevent damage-causing anomalies before they occur, fortify grid security and ensure a resilient foundation for the global shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy practices. The company enables field teams to prioritize and perform maintenance in a timely manner reducing the likelihood of wildfires, forced shutdowns, and power outages resulting from failed grid infrastructure.

Led by co-founders Kaitlyn Albertoli and Vikhyat Chaudhry, Buzz Solutions has strategically positioned itself as a thought leader in the technology space. In addition to its focus on AI-driven solutions and grid security, Buzz Solutions recognizes the paramount importance of effective communication to bring awareness to the impact of the massive energy consumption required to power all of the emerging AI applications on the environment, especially as the power grid is further strained.

In 2023, Buzz’s marketing efforts extend beyond media relations by also building a platform for expert commentary on utility industry-shaping news and climate tech. Over the past year, the company has secured prominent features in top-tier publications and industry trade journals, continued to amplify its industry influence and contributed to the discourse on the future of sustainable energy.

“At Buzz, we are committed to maximizing technology’s potential to build a more resilient, safe, and sustainable utility infrastructure. In support of this mission, we have made it a priority to partner with teams who share our vision to transform the energy landscape. Indicate Media understands our technology and value proposition well and can translate that knowledge into intelligent, results-driven public relations that amplifies our key messages to audiences across the industry.”

Kaitlyn Albertoli, CEO & Co-Founder